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April 1919

Post 312 is incorporated as a Legion Post.

June 25, 1919

Loyal Order of Moose of St. Charles started the movement that resulted in the beautiful Memorial Hall Building in Blanchette Park.

September 1, 1919 (Labor Day)

St. Charles holds a Homecoming Celebration at Blanchette Park.

(The boys are home from the war)

April 1, 1921

Post 312 American Legion Charter is signed, listing 54 "Charter Members".

October 31, 1921

3rd. annual National American Legion Convention opened Monday

morning in Kansas City, Mo.

October, 1922

4th. annual National American Legion Convention held in New Orleans, La.

August 29, 1923

Post 312 contributes about $1,000.00 to the Soldier's Memorial Hall fund

for what will become their and the Auxilliary's meeting place.

August 18, 1924

Elmer Waye was a Delegate, and Ralph Weber was an Alternate to the 6th. Annual Department Convention, held in Joplin, Mo.

April 28, 1928

The Ladies Auxilliary of Post 312 is formed with 45 charter members.

June 22, 1929

The Memorial Hall Building in Blanchette Park is officially dedicated.

August 15, 1937

Post 312 plays host to the 18th. annual 9th. District American Legion Convention when it opened in St. Charles, Mo.

May 4, 1944

Post 312 takes an option to purchase Denker property on the North East corner of 3rd. and Washington for $11,400.00.

July 4, 1944

Post 312 purchases Denker Property for use as the Post Home.

(the World War 1 Vets wanted it ready for when the "Boys came home").

July 30, 1944

Post 312 hosts "Hero's Day" picnic at Blanchette Park, netting $2,499.60 for the Post's coffers, and their new Legion Home

July 28, 1946

Post 312 hosts "Hero's Homecoming Day" picnic at Blanchette Park.

(A 1947 Postwar Studebaker Automobile was raffled off)

March 14, 1964

Post 312 celebrates American Legion's 45th. Birthday.

August 6, 1974

Ground is broken for construction of "New Post" at 2500 Raymond Dr.

March 1, 1975

Dedication Ceremony to Dedicate "New Post" at 2500 Raymond Dr.


Post 312 sells Denker Property for $85,000.00.

February 23, 1994

Ground is broken for expansion of the Post at 2500 Raymond Dr.

March 6, 1994

Post 312 celebrates American Legion's 75th. Birthday.

July 27, 1994

Post 312's new addition is complete.

November 13, 2005

Post 312, along with various Veteran and Civic Organizations, helps to unveil the new "Veterans Memorial" plaque in Frontier Park.

December 25, 2005

Post 312 members and the Auxilliary get their share of KP, as they take charge of, and host, the "Glen Remington Annual Christmas Dinner".

April 2, 2006

Post 312 celebrates It's own 85th. Birthday, with a Birthday dinner, and party.

April, 2008

Work is commencing on a complete renovation of the Foxhole Lounge, itself. Something we will be proud to how off to our friends and guests.





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